Why We Register

Conventions are expensive! Convention center rental, food purchases, DJ fees, merchandise, registration package items, and a lot of printing are just some of the expenses associated with a convention. Many of these must be paid prior to the event.

Registration, especially early registration, helps cover these expenses for GRCNA 40. Your registration fees and generous donations make a great convention possible..

Consider this- If I set aside $1 per week before GRCNA 40, I could easily pay for my registration OR for two Newcomer registrations. If I set aside $2 per week, I could register for an All-Access pass! That’s Registration + the Banquet + the Special Entertainment!

For GRCNA 40, once again, a portion of our registration fees will be used to purchase Basic Texts for jails and prisons in Georgia. By registering for GRCNA 40, we will be helping to carry the message of NA recovery!